Cearensese countryside.

This is as pretty as it gets.
Most of NE Brazil is butt ugly, flat and bone dry, greening up more as you get closer to the amazon.

Camocim coast.

Jeep breakdown, 3hr delay.

Heading to Jericoacoara along the beach from Camocim.


A horrible soulless city, the capital of Ceara.
It's Brazil's version of Benidorm in Spain (a holiday paradise..???) but it's even more boring !
Not only is it ugly as hell but it's full of homeless people & scum in general and has menacing
kinda feel as you stroll around town between all those new sterile high rises.
A typical south American city, definitely a place to avoid.
It's beyond me why anyone would come here voluntarily.

This here is some kind of tourist attraction???, it's called the "English pier".