Heading to Maranhão.


Leaving Totoia.

We went to Lencois via the 4x4 rough route starting in Tutóia.

It's a few hours bumping through the countryside
until you arrive in the next town called Paulino Neves.

Parts of the northeast are shockingly similar to south east Asia in general.
The poverty, the shacks, the pigs & stray dogs, the lay of the land, the feel,
the lifestyle, even the people look similar !
Only the language reminds me that I'm not on some remote rural track in Indonesia.
This confirms the fact that latitudinal similarities are as compelling
as are the longitudinal differences of the human physical world.

Paulino Neves is a true boonsville town to where the buses don't run.
PN is the access point to the "small Lencois" next door,
a lesser version of the main Lencois national park to the north.

One has to stay overnight here as there is not enough time
to make it all the way to Barreirinhas on the same day.

Accommodation is rustic.

Transport onward to Barreirinhas leaves before dawn for basically
an all day journey through the bush. While waiting for the truck we saw a bull being slaughtered
and cut into pieces in the quiet pre-dawn street. I almost got impaled by that same bull the day before !

Barreirinhas !....FINALLY !

The riverfront.

Tours of the delta is a local tourist industry.

Our blessed view from our pousada window, drinking Jesus juice.

Going to Lagoa Azul in Lencois national Park.

Lagoa Azul.

Heading to the Lagoa Bonita area in Lencois national park.

Arriving at the dunes.

This strange place is truly sublime...

More fotos of the Lagoa Azul and the incredible Lagoa Bonita area HERE.

Here are some snapshots of the "nordeste",
taken through the bus window going via säo Luis back to Piaui.