Minas is a red dirt state ,
with slightly softer scenery than the heartstopping coastal drama.

This was some forgotten little town on the road to the ....

Ouro Prêto area

A jewel of a town , without a single ugly apartment block in sight ! Incredible.
Elevation 1179m , pop. 56000

It has more churches per square km than any place I've ever been.

´tis one of the legacies of the extreme history of this place.

At least it ended up quaint as hell....

A lovely place to visit.

The excellent pousada são Francisco.


The most picturesque town in Brazil , some say.

I agree.

A famous ancient sundial.


Here at the Basilica do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos stand Brazil's most treasured works of art.

The prophets , by Aleijadinho.His most famous work.