On the road...


Ooon the road again...

through some heavy showers...

and some pretty country scenery.

Supercheap fresh country fruits & veggies by the roadside

Roadside wildlife.

And finally Foz do IGUAZÚ !!!

Home of one of the worldīs great waterfalls.

Actually a milewide area of hundreds of waterfalls

This place is fuckin increadible

Here the jetboats are getting ready to...

give some poor tourists a good ol soaking !!!


Looks like a mirrorimage doesnīt it ?
But it isnīt.

Garganta del Diablo , one of greatest spectacles on earth !

An great spot to visit...even the second time round.

Curitiba , Brazilīs posterchild city

Has a new & shiny feel to it

but is boring as hell , is populated by junkies and assholes
and has a fucked up traffic system

Give it a miss