Parnaiba, Piauí, is the nicest city I have seen anywhere in the nordeste
or anywhere north of Rio for that matter. It's almost livable !

The population seems to be better off in Piauí than in the rest of northern Brazil.
Even the infrastructure seems more planned and evolved than elsewhere,
maybe it's just my imagination....maybe not...?

There is a bi-river to rio Parnaiba called rio Igaracu running through town.

Going to Piauí's coastal town Coqueiros.

Caipirinha !

Kitesurfing is big here.

Beach houses.

Going to another spot on the coast,
a fishing village called "Pedra do Sal".

Piaui coastal countryside fotos.

Living in northeast Brazil.

Arriving in famous Pedra do sal.

The lighthouse at the point.

It's kind of a desolate place used mainly by fishermen and families on weekends.
There's really nothing here.

The Tarpon catch of the day.