Campos do Jordão

A piece of Bavaria in South America.

or NOT.

The weekend playground for the rich & famous from Sao Paulo

The coast between Ilha Bela & Rio

A coast of endless stunning scenery !

Few people around the world are even aware that this amazing coastline exists !

An endless string of bays, beaches and waterfalls.

A thousand km of it !

Ilha Bela

The coast south of Ilha Bela ( to Santos )

Bertioga crossing, to the island of Santo Amaro.

The Santos area

Although the days of it's former repute as "a feverpit scumtown from hell" are long gone,
Santos is still not exactly an inspiring place.

But It's definitely preferable to são Paulo.

And once you get out to the Santos beach suburb of Guarujá...

you are in the beach playground of the são Paulo crowds.

This area has seen UNREAL development in the past couple of decades.

Most of these hundreds of apartment blocks and minicities seem less than 10 yrs old...!!?

I kinda expected to find something like this here on the SP coast.
After all a city of 20 million hardworking souls need somewhere to play,

and build their dream homes.

South of Santos

At Praia Grande starts a 50km stretch of uninspiring low class endless beach development.

Then, the highway to Paraná.