Boa vista

The center of the Capital "Sal Rei".

Boa Vista is undergoing the same kind of extreme building boom as the neighbor island Sal,
perhaps even more extreme. The whole town looks like it's under construction !
I've never seen anything like it. It looks like someone decided to build a town here
last year and started the construction a few months ago !!!
Half the town is in about the same state of completion....??? Bizarre !!!

One odd thing about CV is that diet soft drinks do not exist here.
This is the local beer, "Strela".
I assume it's pidgin for "Estrela", Star.

There is a small island just offhore from sal Rei.

Walking south from town there is a beach streching as far as the eye can see.

There are already a couple windsurfing rental shacks along the beach.
There's supposed to be good sailing here in front of town with waves n all in winter.

Now that's some cool sand !

I guess it's overall just slightly better than Sal,
but I did not have an opportunity to explore the island due to sky high transportation costs.
There is no collective transport on Boa Vista because it is 100% boonsville.
People don't move on Boa Vista.