Photos of São Vicente in Cape Verde

Landing at São Pedro

The beach at São Pedro

Mindelo, the capital.

The town & Port.

At Chave d Ouro hotel little has changed over the past century.

It's $20/night and it's a tourist attraction.

The most popular local food is "Cachupa". It's cheap but not very tasty.
Grilled tuna with some boiled vegetables is the gold standard for dinner.
It's by far the most common "daily special" on every menu in every restaurant,
and it's always the cheapest dish on the menu ! RIGHT ON !!! Welcome to paradise !!!
Tuna fishing is pretty much the only local industry, apart from tourism.

Mindelo is the cultural capital of Cape Verde.
It is a safe, pretty and laidback place full of friendly polite people.
There is World class music like this one and good stuff;
especially this Awesome one about FRESH FISH,
and, delightful, bizarre stuff like this one (which seems inspired by "Ninja", of s.Africa).

ZOUK ! Hell yeah !

The abandoned old prison above town will soon be a 5 star resort.

The town's north beach is where the locals hang out for sunset.

There are lots of bewilderingly beautiful people in the islands !
Most look like they were born to be runway models !

It's kind of obvious walking around town seeing all the new American pick-ups and organized traffic
that most of Cape Verdes GNP comes in the form of remittances from expats living in Europe and the USA,
some obviously living here part time now.

Here's a link to more Photos of the streets of Mindelo

Monte Verde is the highest point on the island, 750m.

Baia das Gatas is a popular weekend beach north east of Monte Verde.

You can see the next island in the distance to the east, São Nicolau and Santa Luzia.

The Calhau valley cuts the island in half.

Calhau is a village on the east side of the island.

Taking the ferry over to Santo Antão.