Shanghai is a grand old city...

that simmers in the day...

and glitters at night.

Nanjing Dong Lu

I havenīt been to Vegas...

but I seriously doubt itīs any brighter.

God bless communism !

The main attraction is the historical "Bund",

a strip of colonial era buildings along the riverfront.

This is what they call the "Old town".

A nice more old fashioned place,

full of action.

The "French quarter",

is a bit more posh.

Here's another part of town where the old is yielding to the new & shiny.

PUDONG !....the city they built in 10 yrs !!!
in 1990 there was nothing but swamps & lettuce farms here !!!???

a closer the China of tomorrow...

an architectural wonderland !

Then we went to HANGSHOU.

A town with a long history of dynasties molding the place to their liking,

a couple hundred miles southwest of Shanghai.

Itīs a very popular place for Chinese honeymooners
and also students partying on the "party block".
we had a great time here !

Practicing to beat Cambridge or Oxford ? (rowing).

in far more perfect surroundings than most anywhere in Asia.??

in a perfectly sterile sort of way that is.

Pure Chinese style.