2013 Jan-Feb

Lar doce lar, por uns meses.

Club Coral Coast.


Allt pa den har.....

och den har bilden ar pa tomtem.

2013 Sep-Dec


Gear....the beginning........with rugby shoes.....

C.C.C. room.

Sailing fin stab accident into the Bone !!! ...healed well, even without stiches.
Note to self: Get a stiching kit!!!
It was all worth it though, the BEST sailing day so far in Fiji !!! Mauiesque!!! dare I say overpowered at times !!???!!!
...on a 5.3 & floaty 95L board. Today nevertheless gave me hope that I may some day be able to sail normal gear in Fiji (70L board & a 4.7)
.....wishful thinking maybe...but...today gusts up to 30 knots...! almost.

The new/old (-96 Nissan) Truck.
$9000 FJD (~$5000 USD)
Car prices in Fiji are double the USA but not as expensive as Brazil.
Basic no-fault insurance just over $100 bucks/year ! nice.

Staten har fixat vagen sen vi var har sist.

Historic first day of inernal combustion engine work on the Da-ku !
Only lots of macheteing up n til now.

Dom har bilderna e uppe vid vagen.

300m langre ner...

Har rensat hela Mt. Brando.

Olika nivaer nerifran sumpmarken uppat.
Hus pa hogsta och lagsta nivan, sallad etc plantering pa nivaerna emellan.

Bilen med ny presenning, bra har i regniga regnskogen...

Trailern jag kopte ny for ett par veckor sen,
den blir ett bra verktyg pa tomten.

Exploring the back roads....

Wouldn't want to find one of those nesting in yer nickers !!!!!

A Fiji Millipede.

Surprise 48th birthday preparations....a lovo.

Taro, chicken, fish (Onaga/Opakapaka), Cassawa.

Coconut & Taro leaves...

Cleared an acre...for "Dakuni Tower", my medieval castle, the abode of the great Ratu KauLevu.

A Barking Dove, it sounds just like a dog ! The locals eat it. (Imperial Pigeon).

Preview of the limited but will be spectacular Ocean view w Beqa Island.

Finally the buggy is down at mt.Brando! It was a hardcore project !
descending ~40m vertical, 300m horizontal through the djungle w ropes.

Brandon loves to swim in the creek.

We have 800m of creek frontage.
Plenty of fish and river prawns. Paradise!!!
3km by boat to the most spectacular Sea in the World !