2016 (January-March)

Marlin & Mahi

Wahoo (Ono)

The Winning Tuna, a 55kg Ahi.

Check out "mini-Brandon"!!!

All these Photographs are of a most splendid Denarau holiday
after spending 15 months non-stop in Pac Harbor !

Got to see some decent boats at the Yacht Club.

The former pride of Pac Harbor, Noah Ray, now in Denarau.

A Lagoon 440 condomaran!

And the World famous "Golden Eagle" from Suva, a game fishing machine !

Lilleman i hotell poolen.

Vi bodde på Wyndham resort.

På natten.

The ugly brown waters of Denarau.

The Radisson's water wonderland.

The superhorrible Sheraton.

It looks like a 1960s convention center.

A Brando episode...

The Coral Coast "Eco Cafe".
Delicious pizza ! on a Ndakua table !

By the Sea...

And...puppies !

My first trip to the remote & fascinating Thakau(reef) Lekaleka(shortshort).
Here arriving on north side of TLL.

Named shorties because it is a mere 800m in diameter.
It is a completely isolated round reef 20 nautical miles south of Viti Levu
in the open ocean with steep walls rising up from 1000m.
Here coming around on south side.

Looks like a maybe surfable south point.
Must come back and check this out on a big day !
Kandavu in the background.

Back on the north side.
There is a mini "cove" to anchor in the lee of prevailing winds.

Nice reef life snorkelling in the shallows....up that mini channel there.
Awesome drop-off too ! Great for scuba diving to unlimited depths. Also lots of sharks !
A perfect spot, the most intriguing spot I've seen in Fiji so far.
And it's Private !!! No boats in sight all day.

Brandon built a boat !

January. Kandavu Channel. Big game fishing Action on FAD 1 !

Aaaaalll aboard...!

A handsome 70kg Ahi !

I found out on this trip that a Tuna this size creates a ridiculous amount of down force !
I would say exactly the same as hanging a 30kg sack of cement on your rod, constant pressure, no let up !
I could feel that fish in my geriatric ol legs for days and I was only on it for a few minutes (out of 30) !!!

Famo är här !

Resten av sidan är bilder av Famos visit till Fiji.

Famo på rundtur av koro carioca.

Nyligen rensade marker.

På toppen av tomten.

På floden.

Ute till havs.

Famo fick en liten tonnfisk.

På väg tillbaka från tomten.

Ute till havs igen. Idag utan famo.

HardCore ! Yeah ! Giant Torpedo Scad !!!

Kokosnötter och ....

Duruka, ett ätligt sockerrör, en bra kombination för läcker lokal mat.
Duruka i kokosmjölk.

Och så kom orkanen Winston ! Kategori 5.
Välkommen ! Äntligen friska fläktar (90 sekundmeter).

Excitement building...!

Winston did not pay this coast a proper visit but thrashed the north coast instead.
Denied !!! again, as so many other times in Hawaii and Florida.
Those cat5 hurricanes must not like me, they never look at me close up with their evil eye !
The breeze was good for windsurfing though, had an awesome day sailing on my
ridiculously oversized 4.7 until it was blowing upwards of 60 knots !!!
Had my first ever starboard tack jump in Fiji (3m), broke the footstraps upon landing !?
Brand new DaKines that had been sitting a few years. This climate rots the rubber for some
reason....samesame happened before to a new universal sitting for a couple years....
broke as if made of wet bread !??? What's up with da rubba DaKine?

Ni sa bula vinaka ! Cyclone Winston.

Here's a clip of Winston at half strength after I finished sailing.

Koro in the path of mother Earth's furious revenge attack !

Dagen efter...bananerna rök med...

och många kokosnötter föll ner, och måste drickas up.
Mycket jobb åt famo och Brandon.

Glad födlare famo !

Rainin in paradise.

Post hurricane yard raking finished !
Famo did most of it.

The mbure lost its hair.

Living in the dark for 2 weeks post hurricane. No electricity. Everything's melting.

The new Pearl extension is finished !

Bringing the "sterile" look to Pac Harbor, how novel....& diabolical !

Mom feels at home, it looks & feels like the Helsinki airport, or a German bus station.

The "old" Pearl.

And back at the Uprising, after a 5 year absence.

Very strange indeed to be here without fafa this time...

Muito estranho mesmo..... Tristeza não tem fim, Felicidade Sim...

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