Mbengga sunset,from Camp Brando.

Mud lobster condominium.

Gecko - Scorpion

Mbengga Lagoon Resort, west Mbengga.

Red-footed Boobies, Sula sula....February.

Aku, Skipjack Tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis.

Another fun Adorn Fiji photo shoot.

Homo sapiens fijiensis, February.

Yellowfin Tunas, Thunnus albacares....1 March.

Ahis in the 50-60kg range. Fishing solo, as usual.
Supplementing my toy gaff with the spear from my speargun.

Caught 2 this day.

Texas chainsaw massacre version.

The aftermath...

Another day (March 11)...another Ahi, same kine size. Fishin solo.

Brando's birthday!

River Prawns...

...for Marcia's b-day Paella!

Scuba course for Brando!

Updated til May