Still in Panajachel.

Off We go...

Wow ! We are here ! Legendary Antigua ! What sweet Joy !
Let's check it OUT !

We are staying at the "Casa Shalom" which is "protected by the blood of Jesus" as I always err
on the side of safety. A curious mix in any case. You think I'm seeking this stuff out? I'm not.
You can't make this shit up, it's EVERYWHERE you go...everywhere you look...even our guide at the
textile museum today started babbling about how he swapped drugs for Jesus. He only stopped evangelizing
& got back to the textiles when I said that I definitely prefer the Shamanic Maya Highland God "Maximon" over JC.
And I thought Tonga was n learn.

However, I do wonder what the connection is between Guatemala and Israel having seen at
least a dozen "Shalom"s and loads of Israelis + restaurants, especially around the Lake.

That's the main Cathedral, La Merced.

The main street leading from La Merced to the central plaza.
That's the famous Arch of Santa Catalina.

This is Guatemala's and indeed Central America's Ouro Preto (Brazil).
I have to check out Nicaragua's Grenada to see how it compares on my next Meso America journey.
Truth be told there are actually dozens of charming "colonial" towns just as (or more) magnificent
than Antigua all around Latin America. Antigua is worth a visit nevertheless.

Cathedral of San José.

This is all around the central plaza.

In the arts market you can buy a Virgin for $150 ! ...or even a Saint.
Or even better, You can buy your own personal Jesus for 50 bucks (worth 50 cents).
Note the warning sign: If you brake the Virgin you Pay!

The statue of liberty Jesus,
wonder where he shoved the torch...?

Now that's a SAAAD looking Jesus !
40 bucks....I dunno....I'd only shed 20 for that one.

Jesus with TITS !!! Awesome !!!
I always thought He deserved a boob job.
100 dollas...once...twice...trice...and GONE, to the lucky man in the back row.

Black Jesus. How risqué.

The motley crew...only Hell knows what they all are.

That looks like Macumba to me.

The resurrected Jesus for 25 bucks...sounds like a deal....hmmm, he looks more like...
The Heil Hitler Jesus, made by someone who is NOT a talented sculptor.
I may be imagining things but is He not taking it up the ass by that black dude with a wry smile on his face...???!!!!!
What sweet racial & sectarian precious! the "plumber" is probably a Muslim.
Hang on...isn't there a Roman dwarf behind Muhammed..??? now that crosses the line to perversion !
I'm out of here!
I did spot a baby Jesus as well but no picture here, just too sick....too sick.

Antiguas version of "the London Dungeon"?
No, just the leftovers from last week...

There are loads of fantastically Quaint shops, restaurants and galleries...BUT,
these heavy exhaust fumes laden cobble stone streets become toxic corridors where
you feel like you're stepping into a gas chamber every time you step in for a look.
I think there must be something about the high altitude air that gives the exhaust fumes
extra kick. I've had a low grade headache for days already, & that persistent Delhi-Belly.
The picture on the right is Mc Donalds !

"Chicken Buses" !
Guatemala is "Pimp my ride" for recycled U.S. School Buses.

We had the misfortune to drop in to see Antigua during "holy week" so all the hotels & hostels are packed
with gawkers to witness the madness of the annual religious lunatic orgy perpetrated by members of the
ChristCorpse death Cult. It is said to be the most intoxicating of all the fanatical religious events anywhere
in Latin America during holy (shit!) week !!! so we just hung out for a week at fantastic lake Atitlan instead,
to wait out the storm.... I could feel the vibe all the way at here, I can still sense a faint whiff
of the rotting ChristCorpse in the air...and I can feel that the local population now, after their Zombie-fest,
feel closer than ever to God (their imaginary psychopathic friend in the sky). What a magical cultural experience !
witness mass psychosis, Live ! An anthropologically riveting study of brainwashed Jesus-drones ! Highly recommended !

Next stop, Tikal ! The famed Maya ruins in the jungle, host to another death cult that was also into drinking blood
(like Christians at Mass) and murdering virgins by the thousands (must be counterproductive to the survival of the "tribe"),
Fascinating.....fascinating....traveling through Central America really lifts One's spirits and gives One new hope for mankind
......all this Culture !!! long as One can avoid getting mugged, kidnapped or killed along the way (the stats are frightening!).
42 murders a week just in Guatemala City !.... etc.etc.
Indeed if One travels too carelessly around Central America for long enough chances are things will end badly.
I'll do El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua next time, tooo much of a good thing is no good.