Underwater photos (early 1990s)

That's my brother Ben.

La Perouse

Northshore westmaui

Camping at Nakalele point.My favorite divespot in 1991.

the "RAD" ( Rick aggregating device ) which I deployed 3nm offshore Huelo
in what can only be described as a hardcore abyssal diving operation.
Found out the hard way that one cannot use nylon rope, it stretches....!!!@!**#!!
So the RAD went missing before it could be effectively used !

Barracuda = supertasty. Kawa Kawa = disgusting, not even the cats wanted it !

Ulua and Ono, the best local fish.


The Waipio Bay property

Freediving in Makaiwa.

Olha ! algumas vistas de diferentes partes de Maui (2005).

vamos agitar !

Yahoo! Avatars

The Waiehu area & "The wall of tears" waterfall in west Maui, 500m high !

The "Banana bungalow" days.

Me surfing,

and sailing at Sprecks ~ 1994.

Our big day at outer Kanaha. THIS was gnarly boating !!!
VERY easy to get stuck between these sets & kiss your boat (&ass) goodbye.
Worth it though, for the pictures! wish I'd been on my board instead of on my boat !!!!!

At least B et.co. had a good time!!!

Jaws 1995

Jaws 26 nov 2002, with the boat.


Brando's Cop Car






2 months at Ronnie's house.

Happy birthday Marcia !


The inaccessible Kalaupapa peninsula.

North shore Molokai, 1km high seacliffs w waterfalls !!!

Descending into a remote valley on Molokai's north coast in 1994 with my brother.
It was a pretty hardcore experience traversing the island from south to north in one day !

Kneedeep in mud a lot of the time.





Chris Lassen's ferrari.

Kahala and Hawaii kai


The North shore.

Popular snorkeling at Shark cove.

Hawaii (the big island)

On top of the biggest mountain on earth, Mauna Kea.
That's Haleakala in the background, a hundred miles away.

Waipio bay and the Hamakua coast.

Kilauea volcano reaching the sea & Rainbow falls.

West coast & Poluku Valley.

Aloha !