Memories of many a place have faded into oblivion
as for decades I travelled without a camera
Here are the odd exeptions....

All are scanned photos & slides (i.e. shit quality)
This page is just my personal memoryjogging bag of crap

Madeira , mid 70s.

Lanzarote , -79

Diving in Cyprus -81

My scanner's just too crap.
I'll scan some awsome stuff when I get a professional scanner some day.....
For now , remember some of the scenery from downunder in -98.
Kakadu was cool & the Barrier reef was awsome !

This guy was as big as a croc !!!!
Walking among the tourists at an outback waterhole

Kakadu was a surprisingly impressive place.
Good thing I ended up there by accident...

That guy they call a "frilly". A crazy frilled lizard.

The cape Tribulation area's geographic location on earth
mixed with it's cultural and historical past gives it a strange vibe.

Byron Bay area.

Sailing in the bay of islands , northern north island.

Fjordland New Zealand

Wellington & Auckland

The best of all .... Maluku , Indonesia in -98 !
Took some real sick slides with great effort in the remote boonies !!! all lost in the mail !*!@!#!!!
Here some Bali stuff instead...