Sesimbra is a resort an hours drive south of Lisbon.

Our quarters ; )

Inside. Only 35/night.


The beach.


There's an old Moorish fort overlooking town.

The Arrabida natural reserve is right next door.

It's in some ways better than the Algarve.

Portinho da Arrabida.

There's supposed to be good diving here but it doesn't really look very promising.

On the other side of the park is the city of Setubal.

And across a strait is the Troia peninsula.
The point is ugly and developed but there are miles of empty beaches south of there.
The Phoenicians and Romans have set up camp there in past millennia.

Back on the west coast there are many miles of beach scenery as well.
All the way to Lisbon.

Point Espichel.

There is an abandoned church at the point.

The vineyards...

An old wine estate.

They use Brazilian Mahogany vats instead of steel !
Apparently it is as neutral and most definately different...

They make some world class Moscatel here....pricey.

The "vault".