Lisbon 2012

Making Pizza.

Guincho Beach.

Cabo da Roca, the Westernmost point in Europe.

The seaside town Cascais (left) and Guincho Beach (right).


There are restaurants and cafes along the point, veeery nice!

Rock climbers practicing their craft,
like back home on Morro da Urca in Rio.

If I lived in Portugal this is where I'd live, Cascais seashore within 100m of avenida Republica,
ocean view with immediate access to the splendid jogging path to Guincho next door,
marvelous just marvelous !!! about $4000/m2, cheap by international standards, for such a location.
Reason for that? the "crisis" of course, prices are down 40% from 5 years ago!

Same same like my Maui boat....que saudades!

The Marina.

Back at the Lisbon Aquarium.