Underwater Vava'u

These pics I took during 2 Scuba dives in the easily
accessible waters between Hunga and Vava'u island.

It seems this is where the SCUBA outfits in Neiafu will take you most of the time.
The diving is not impressive and only marginally better than Hawaii.

Below are shots of various shallow reefs around Vava'u
taken while swimming with mask n snorkel (no fins).

Some of these reefs, especially around Euakafa and Fuamotu show that Tonga
indeed has some world class diving, at least as far as variety of hard corals go.
Zen moments can be had here in select locations if solo diving late afternoon.

Massive table Corals !!!

All this is mostly around Mala Island.

The pictures were taken with a simple digital Canon ultracompact (SD 870) in a housing.
A Toy Camera.