Jump into 2017 !

At Yanutha.

Happy birthday Jaga !

Mui dramatico !
Raio e Sol !

Back in the Jungle.

The new puppy !

A dozen Spinbont Branson Afforselles (Bonty) photos !
Also known as 'Spotty".

Breed : Fijidog.

A Pac Harbor Sea Krait, very venomous !

A Yanutha Pacific Boa, harmless.

Blue water freediving w Seth & Elliot in rough Kandavu channel.

Seth spears a nice Yellowfin.

Fazendo meu jardim.

Time for... Ahi action !

Kaos angelorum !

Hundreds of awesome Yellowfin Tuna.

A beautiful day in the Kandavu channel.

Decided to take one home with me.

63kg. Nice, but this was no revanche on 'GrandSlamTuna' of one year ago.
I happened to be alone again, but with a new Tiagra 16 and a harness and a gaff, this bad boy had no chance.
This was a no drama 10-15 minute affair with another 10 minutes trying to get him into the boat
when a minor dramatic moment threatened to become something more as he made
a mad dash for freedom and almost pulled me overboard as he bent the gaff 90'!

Bent the brand new Yo-zuri 90' as well.

'once I was 7 years old...'

Now I'm 8 !
Happy birthday Brandon !

Another sucessful day at sea.

Sid hangin out at Kaycee (Koro Carioca).

Aku (Skipjack).
note: caught 6 (18-25kg) Ahis (Yellowfins) since the big one last month.
Lost another gaff (& lure) on one of them, with Marcia & Brandon.

An endemic Fjian Green Tree Skink, (Emoia Concolor),
and a Fiji Scorpion.

Cleaning Nduruka (edible sugarcane). In coconut milk = very delicious Fijian dish !

Nanuku reef.

Marcia & friends doing "Adorn Fiji" super fashion shoot !

Life's a beach.

Marcia b-day at the Pearl.

Panorama grande. looking East, from Mt.Brando.

Dog portraits !

The hunting scent hound.

Low tide.

An Eel from the creek

A Rainbow runner (Elagatis bipinnulata) of the Jack family (Carangids).

Caught by....who else.....the maestro.
Very good to eat ! Underrated.
Possible Ciguatera, but unlikely.

Fiji day BBQ

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