View from up our road. Looking east, Pac Harbor to Navua plains.

4km up the road is the famous "concrete bridge", the end of the road (more or less).
It used to go a few hundred meters more up the hill there to a dead end in the jungle, at the last SPP lot.
Now reclaimed by the jungle, as is the last 200m before the bridge as well.

Jungle exploration and waterfalls await.
The coolest thing is: nobody in Fiji lives closer to these waterfalls than we do !
15min by car + a half hour walk (or all day, depending on how far you wanna go).

The first waterfall !

Climbing down...brought the old boat ropes from the beach house.

Some waterfall modeling shots.

Farther down the stream...an emerald lake !

Tis the year of the Nanai !

This legendary cicada (Tibicen knowlesi) emerges from the ground of the coral coast
rainforest every 8 years, and was until recently almost unknown to science.
Much appreciated delicacy (prawn-like) by the upland peoples of Viti Levu.
It IS the year of the Nanai !!! I can't believe it !!!

A jaccuzi on top of.....

The second waterfall !

Tis a Big one ! Deep pool. Jumpable ?

More to come...stand by...need more rope.

Trans-Island Expedition to the highlands !

The southern foothills.

The highest road point in Fiji.

The MonoSavu dam was enveloped in a fog, as it often is.

Arrived at Stone Bowl Lodge after dark.

Cosy but smoky.

Descending from the highlands to the north coast.

Solar arrived at Kaycee!

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